Our knowledge
Your benefit

We have been utilizing the product since it was launched. Consequently, we have attained extensive hands-on experience with the product. This allows us to ensure top-level value for your company. Specifically, we can develop and adapt the product to your needs, as well as educate you to provide you with the ability to utilize the product.

Technical support and advice
Need to upgrade?
And to what?

There are many versions of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, under different names like Navigator, Navision Financials, Navision Attain, and Dynamics 365 Business Central. In addition, Microsoft releases a number of updates within each version every month.

It makes it difficult to assess when, how and to what to upgrade. It requires an overview of your solution as well as experience. We provide both, and as such we can answer your questions accurately and explicitly.

Do you gain enough value
from your solution?

Is there anything worse than paying for more than you get? The answer is no. In other words, it's important to acquire maximum value from the solution.

In this context, we should mention that we have extensive experience with implementing and optimizing processes, which enable us to identify challenges and problems as well as finding functional and intelligent solutions.

Furthermore, we are proficient in the field of financial management. We are equipped to assist you with budgeting, reporting, and preparation of material for the auditor.

Our competencies are the result of many years of practical experience from working with both small and large companies. Consequently, we are able to understand your company’s data and methods quickly. In short, we can help you gain maximal value from your solution.

Project Management
Satisfaction guaranteed
No buts

Your satisfaction is dependent on everything going according to plan. The measure of success in any project is based upon the ability to deliver the desired solution in accordance with price, functionality, and time-scope. This is where we come in.

We have considerable experience creating requirements, specifications, setups, testing, data control in connection with a conversion, etc. Additionally, we are accustomed to methods like Microsoft Sure Step, Prince2 and SCRUM.

As a result, we can perform the role of the project manager as well as a sparring partner. Moreover, we can carry the role of the link between your company and Dynamics partner.

Development and adaptation
or chaos

It’s important to be confident. A standard Dynamic 365 BC-solution consists of more than 5,800 objects and 500,000 lines of code. In essence, creating a change in just one object can affect multiple areas within the solution.

As such it requires a high level of familiarity and understanding of the product. Which we have. We can measure the weight of our responsibility and adapt the solution quickly and accurately. Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365 engage two different development environments and we are intimate with both.

In addition, we can teach you how to develop in the new programming language AL and Extensions utilizing Visual Studio Code and apply Github or Azure DevOps, in order to manage and quality assess your development. If you prefer to continue developing using Dynamics NAV 201x applying C/Side, we can assist with that as well.

It is important to note that all our courses can be appropriated in a closed and customized manner.

Education and training
Even the best
can improve

We are a small business, but we have educated many. We have trained and certified more than 1000 people around the world including Microsoft employees and experienced Dynamics Partners.

We educate within all areas of Dynamics 365 BC, whether it is Finance, Fixed Assets, Purchase, Sales, Inventory Management, Service, Case etc. We can also teach basic accounting. So, if you need teaching or training, you now know that we are NAVspecialist.

About us
35 year of experience
times 2

We each have our specialties within Dynamics. And together we are two specialists that embrace every aspect of Dynamics. It might seem too good to be true, but it is not. We have been working with NAV2018/DYN365BC for a long time, consequently, we attain an in-depth knowledge of the product.

are we

How do you make a long story short? You get to the point. This is what we have done in this paragraph. This will be short, straightforward, and accurate.


Owner and NAVspecialist

Where should I begin? I have been working in the ERP-business as a project manager, instructor, business consultant and developer since 1985, ultimately being a part of more than 1000 implementations.

My greatest interest is to advise companies in the development and utilizing of Dynamic NAV and 365 BC. As a certified Microsoft Trainer (MCT) I’m often used as an instructor and trainer worldwide.

When I’m not working, I’m a passionate runner. I have completed more than +100 marathons, which proves I’m able to set a goal and achieve it. Even when it gets tough.

Furthermore, I’m passionate about Visual Studio Code, DevOps and Git. Feel free to call me a bit of a geek. It will only make me proud.


Owner and NAVspecialist

My strengths? My strong capabilities cover accounting and economics. Over the past 30 years, I have gained experience within financial management, budgeting and reporting by working for several major Danish companies.

My interest in and experience with defining, implementing and optimizing processes in Dynamics NAV and 365 BC enables me to identify challenges/obstacles and problems. Furthermore, it enables me to find useful solutions.

In addition, I have a background as a Compensation & Benefits manager as well as experience with outsourcing within this area. I reach my goals and comply with deadlines because I’m skilled, structured, and capable of planning and prioritizing time and assignments.

Also, I'm a lot more fun than I sound when reading the above.

Our name says it all. Plain and simple. It describes what we offer and what we do at the same time. We are specialist in NAV2018/DYN365BC and between us we contain 35 times two years of experience.

And you are more than welcome to benefit from our knowledge.